Monte Margiani
The foundation of goodness.

Extra virgin superb quality olive oil: biological and certified. Only for those who demand the very best.


Quality, without compromise.

To make the best things you must start from excellent inputs. This is especially true for food. Our extra virgin olive oil comes from our noble and pure olive groves at the foot of Mount Margiani, grown without any use of chemicals in the full respect of the relationship between man and nature.
The result is a product second to none; an oil with unique and refined taste, pure and rich in aromas. The indispensable basis for the finest of your recipes.

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Our packages

Bottiglia 0.75 l.

€ 9,00

Latta 2 l.

€ 20,00

Latta l. 5

€ 50,00

Available soon
Bottiglia 0.75 l.

€ 9,00


Bottiglia l.10 2 € 18,00  
Bottiglia l.10 2 € 18,00  
Bottiglia l.10 2 € 18,00  
Bottiglia l.10 2 € 18,00  

€ 36,00*

*Expedition costs included

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United Kingdom

Currently we ship to Italy (including islands) and United Kingdom. Shipping costs are included in the indicated prices.


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